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As a result of over 35 years' experience the Aartius mission is:

'To deliver cost effective results for clients with Business Improvement, Change and Programme Delivery challenges.'

We offer more than advice on ‘what’ to do. Our hands-on, practical approach gives our clients the knowledge transfer on ‘how’ to realise and sustain their goals.

Partner with us to achieve the management solutions which will take you to the next level.

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A wealth of domestic and international skills and experience

Accredited Invest NI business improvement agent

Lean certified in Demand Flow Technology & Demand Based Management

Proven track record

We are an internationally experienced consultancy headquartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Our skills apply to a diverse range of business sectors, contact us for more information on how we can help.

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Business Improvement

Are you looking to underpin and develop your business?

We employ a systematic approach to help clients strategically align and optimise their business-critical processes to achieve more effective results.

Our Methodology

The application of performance excellence tools and people-centric coaching to enable significant improvement in business performance.

Business Improvement Case Studies

  • Introduced Visual Performance and supporting Practical Problem Solving to achieve

33% (£4.5m) Delay Mitigation cost reduction

50% Reduction of Customer Complaints

140% Increase in Asset Reliability

22% Improvement on Maintenance Mean Time to Site response time

  • Introduced lean tools which 25% output increase, 10% reduction in labour cost at a 98% Right First-Time quality performance
  • Economic and Efficient organisational re-structure which delivered a 32% (3.5m AUD) reduction in indirect costs
  • Introduced Kaisen Continuous Improvement teams who delivered a 6% material cost saving
  • Introduced TPM and OEE which delivered an annual 9% improvement in machine availability
  • Enabled FMCG Group to achieve ‘Green’ audits from all the major multiples
Elderly female aircraft mechanic helping her colleague who's working on the airplane's landing gear retraction system. She is passing him a tool.

Take the systematic approach to business efficiency

Change Management

Do you need support in a transition period?

We operate a systematic approach to transitioning team members, teams, and total organisations from their current state to their desired future state.

Our Methodology

We employ economic and efficient re-organisational processes to enable the best organisation with change ready employees.

Change Management Case Studies

  • Economic and Efficient organisational re-structure which delivered a 32% ($3.5m AUD) reduction in indirect costs
  • Introduced Training Needs Analysis, Skills Gap Matrix and Resource Training Plan to facilitate employee development, flexibility and capability monitoring enabling a reduction in staff turnover 7.5% p/a
  • Specified and managed the phased introduction of £3m Capital Investment in state-of-the-art CNC controlled equipment with no interruption to daily production capability which delivered a 28% reduction in labour costs
  • 11% growth in sales through the introduction of new business development strategy and product diversification
  • Directed the development of hi-tech engineering plant from greenfield site to full capability within 3 years, while supporting a £48m revenue growth
  • Created and managed the introduction of Company Handbook to enable consistent leadership of all team members
Happy business colleagues working together and discussing project on laptop during meeting

Take a structured approach to your business transition

Programme Management

Looking for comprehensive programme implementation?

We oversee the purpose and status of all projects in a programme and use this oversight to support task level activity.

Our Methodology

Through the application of simplified tools and processes, we will identify and manage; governance, risk, mitigations, issues, and requirements to enable cost effective delivery of all programme requirements.

Programme Management Case Studies

  • Delivered a 50-hour flight certified Integrated Propulsion System for Paris Air show in 8 months
  • Introduced and managed a detailed ‘Supplier Evaluation and Development Programme’ for complex aerospace procurement organisation
  • Sourced and managed the trial, test, and introduction of components from U.S to European supplier saving 4% material and logistics costs
  • Internationally re-sourced and managed the introduction of major components returning an 8% cost reduction
  • Managed the procurement and global logistics of total fastener requirements for major aerospace organisation
Two architects examining the blueprints on construction site

Take the logical approach to programme delivery

What Our Clients Say

Group Operations Director FMCG

'demonstrated the ability to identify essential projects'; whether business change, people change or capex investment was extremely effective, achieving the accurate balance as project head; between direct involvement and allowing other members of the team to get on with their precise roles, responsibilities and organisational objectives.’

Managing Director Lithographics Printing

 ‘with a very clear and complete understanding of the flow of product from initial quotation to dispatch and focussing on several key areas namely employee performance, improving procedures for order processing and setting achievable and measurable objectives at each stage of production. Employee performances improved by up to 20% and the company continue to use the new measurement procedures.’ 

HR Manager Construction Products

'embarking on a program of change, streamlining business processes to increase efficiency while excelling in bringing to the fore the intrinsic value in system re-design and process re-engineering to support this project. Displaying judgement and maturity as an executive team member, the 'Can Do' approach infected the company facilitating the solving of issues not only in manufacturing methods but also in the management and development of people, key to the successful outcome of this program and a significant increase in profitability.’

Group Operations Director FMCG

‘without prior knowledge of the red meat sector; understood very quickly the core dynamics that were driving the company; and the changes required. The approach is one of calm professionalism; ability to clearly communicate thoughts, decisions; and a demonstrable behaviour of inherently involving others whilst enlisting their opinions.’

Aerospace Tier 1 Supplier

‘working closely together on a supply chain project within a major aerospace OEM involving detailed management of the technologies and process flows within a warehouse operation, whilst bringing together internal and (competing) external stakeholders to the project. Success of this project came through excellent communication and people management skills, together with sound understanding of the product (critical structural components), program, and strategic objectives of the project.'

Pre Flight and Aircraft Maintenance

‘on all occasions demonstrated an ability to think outside the box, dedicate the right level of effort, know how, resources and experience to complex Global projects that delivered positive bottom line results for all involved.’

C.O.O Engineering, City Transport Organisation

‘This work was pivotal in enabling the Engineering Directorate to; consistently and transparently report on the performance of key aspects of its operating model. Fundamentally it bridged the communication gap, within the designed ‘Matrix Model’. The rigour of the process identified inherent problems, facilitating the application of practical problem-solving activities to eliminate them, leaving the Directorate with a robust and inclusive governance process.’

Route Managing Director, Transport Organisation

‘The team has played a vital role in developing our techniques, from presenting the concept to launching it and embedding it in everything we do. Our Key Performance Indicators have always been there but presenting them in a visual manner has allowed us our to make informed decisions quickly, spot emerging trends and provide the different parts of our organisation with a greater sense of accountability. The support we have received has been invaluable and has meant we have been able to gain the maximum value from our investment.’

Director Capital Delivery, Transport Organisation

‘This business tool has transformed accountability from functional and support leads. It offers a disciplined approach to focusing on the important and encourages challenge across functions from within the same business unit. I have found the coaching style engaging, utterly professional and personally challenging. Their enthusiasm is infectious, their manner supportive and progressive. Visualisation continues to be a success.’

Area Director, Transport Organisation

‘The team were pivotal to the rollout of Visualisation, practical problem solving and LEAN principles within the operations and maintenance teams (1000+).  They quickly got a detailed understanding of the business and the environment in which it was operating which allowed effective coaching and prioritisation of the key business areas and opportunities to improve. The style adopted provided a great balance of challenge and support.  For me one of the key successes is, the techniques and methodology has left a legacy of commitment amongst my team that will allow us to build on these successes created whilst their support was in place.  It has changed the way we do business as we now are seeing significant benefits from it.’

Managing Director City Transport Organisation

‘Great to see how the robust implementation of this Lean tool has really helped in removing red tape and getting people out of meetings and on their feet dealing with issues.’

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